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JadooTV is the world’s largest live TV channel, offering movies as well as TV series and on-demand content in Farsi. It has combined technology with passion for our customers so that they can enjoy their desired entertainment from around the world through Jadoo Tv on Firestick. Jadoo TV started its journey in 2008, currently, billion+ people from all over the world watch the channels from different countries and currently Jadoo TV channel number is 1500+.

You can easily watch Jadoo TV through Firestick. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to install this app on your device, as well as activate it by configuring it. If you want to access this channel outside India then you must use a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best option for you to unblock geo-restricted content. To watch Jadoo TV through Firestick you must download and install it. You need to refer to the Downloads section for details.

How does jadoo tv work?

JadooTV is a Silicon Valley-based consumer technology services company committed to delivering always-on live as well as on-demand content to viewers using its proprietary Internet-over-the-air (STB) set-top boxes. JadooTV is a leading distributor of multicultural content including South Asia. By using the Internet, they provide movies, television, music and many other entertainment materials to the diaspora of the Middle East including Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

It provides entertainment content on your TV through internet access. JadooTV is committed to delivering live as well as on-demand content directly to your television or device using a broadband internet connection (minimum 4 Mbps download speed is required for use). Enjoy hundreds of channels in HD quality, thousands of hours of on-demand movies and TV shows in an instant with a click of your remote!

We do this by combining the latest P2P technology with industry-standard codecs like H.264, MPEG 4 and Flash to bring you live TV as well as on-demand streams through our jadoo brand of internet-connected devices!

How to watch jadoo tv on firestick?

To watch Jadoo TV through Firestick first you need to install the Jadoo TV app on your device, configure it and then launch it. If you are new to using it then you should first check out the download section for details on downloading and installing.

Jadoo TV on Firestick

How can I download and install Jadoo TV on Firestick?

Can you simply get Jadoo TV on firestick? That’s why you need to follow simple steps to install the Jadoo Tv on Firestick app you used and it won’t take much time to do the job. What is jadoo in firesticks? Yes, you can find Jadoo TV apps on Firestick. You can follow the simple steps below step by step to get the jadoo in free firestick:

How can I download and install Jadoo TV on a Firestick

  • On the TV you connected your Firestick to, press the Home screen button and click the Search button.
  • Then type or use voice control in the search bar to find the Jadoo app on Firestick.
  • Once you find the app, click on the “Get” icon to download and install the jadoo tv app on firestick.
  • Once installed, click to open the app. Then you can open the app in your apps section.
  • Now jadoo tv login by using your username and the password you provided. If you don’t have this certificate, you should first create an account on Jadoo TV website.
  • Enter all required information and click on the register option.
  • Now after signing in, you can watch all kinds of movies, series and live TV shows in Jadoo on your Firestick.
  • You start streaming your favorite content gradually on Jadoo TV.

How to Cast Jadoo TV on Firestick Using Android Device

After you install the app on your Firestick, you can cast Jadoo TV to Firestick TV from your Android device. Now you can follow the steps below step by step to cast this Jadoo TV through your Android device.

  • Connect your Android device and Firestick to an Internet connection.
  • Now go to Google Play Store, install the Jadoo TV apps beside download.
  • Launch the app on your Android device and sign in by providing your credentials.
  • In the notification panel of your device you click as well as choose Cast.
  • You select your firestick from the devices to cast as you start mirroring.
  • Start streaming any content through the app that will be displayed on your Firestick to your TV.

How to Cast Jadoo TV on Firestick Via iOS Devices:

By using an iOS device, you can cast Jadoo TV through your Firestick instead of installing the app. You can cast Jadoo TV from your iOS device by following simple steps:

  • First you need to make sure that your iOS device and Firestick are connected to the same internet connection.
  • You download and install the Jadoo TV app on your iOS device from the App Store.
  • Sign in by launching the app on your device and providing your credentials.
  • Now you install AirScreen on your FireStay and click on start now.
  • Now click on the Control Center of the iOS device and choose screen mirroring option.
  • Now select your Firestick from the list of devices to start mirroring.
  • Start playing any content from the app as well as display it on your TV screen with Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jadoo tv app free?

This JadooTV app is now available for free with the purchase of Jadoo 5s IPTV Box. Where there is no variable for current app user customers.

Is jadoo tv free?

No, a premium streaming service is Jadoo TV, and to watch any show or movie on the channel you have to pay for the subscription. The lowest package for its streaming service costs US$49.99 per year, through which you can access a variety of movies and music from Indian or Pakistani TV channels.

Is jadoo tv app available on firestick?

To watch Jadoo TV, you first need to download and install the Firestick app on your device. You can also cast it to your Firestick from your iOS or Android device.

Can you watch jadoo tv on the computer?

If you want to watch Jadoo TV on your computer then you can first download and install JadooTv Farsi Apps for Windows 7/8/10 PC.

Final Thoughts

Jadoo TV is one of the most popular, trending and preferred TV channels of today. To watch its content you need a jadoo tv subscription on Jadoo TV. For new customers, the streaming service provides a 30-day free trial. It is a very popular streaming service offering live on-demand content in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and English as well as different languages.

You can watch Jadoo TV on Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Android TV boxes. Jadoo tv on firestick channel offers news, entertainment, sports and more variety of content. If you want to watch Jadoo TV outside India, you will need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions as this channel is easily available only in India.

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