How To Get Bounce TV On FireStick? (Step By Step)

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Famous American digital multicast television network Bounce TV on FireStick now lets you binge on movies and TV shows, or just listen to music on your tv.

FireStick is a portable streaming device that gives you access to lots of TV shows and Movies. Like other television networks and streaming devices, the Amazon Firestick lets you watch bounce tv as long as you have subscriptions to their network. All you have to do is use a FireStick, then plug it into your TV, connect it to the good services internet, install bounce tv app on Firestick and get watching.

You can easily find a popular FireStick app by going to the Apps section on the home screen as there are already lots of apps included. Start scrolling through the available apps to find the right one on the section. Select the ‘Get’ button if you find the right one you want. All the apps are organized under different sections. That’s why it looks so easy to find what you are searching for. Sometimes you will not find a certain app included in the library like bounce tv for FireStick.

But you don’t have to worry because there are still lots of ways to add the bounce tv app on Amazon FireStick. In this article, we are going to show you how you can install bounce tv apk for FireStick by using the Amazon website or sideloading apps.

Bounce TV Specification

For user convenience, you have included some core Specifications of Bounce TV. We hope these will aid you in getting the authentic app from app store.

App’s Name Bounce TV
Updated October 30, 2019
Size 18M
Installs 1,000,000+
Current Version 1.0.1910241608
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Rated for 10+
Category Entertainment
License Paid/Free
Offered By Brown Sugar:

How to Install bounce tv on Firestick?

There are different ways to add or install bounce tv on FireStick. Here’s how to install the bounce tv app on Firestick:

  • By Amazon App Store
  • By Amazon’s official website
  • By Search Function and Voice Control
  • By using “Sideloading” apps.

Download bounce tv using Amazon App Store

bounce tv app for firestick

You can go to check if bounce tv is available for download to the Amazon App Store. If it’s available than here’s how to download:

  1. First launch your FireStick. Go to the top menu of your home screen and select the ‘Apps’ section from the menu. Now to get access just click the right button of the ‘Apps’ menu. And then click the center of the circle that appeared on the screen to select ‘Apps’ from the menu.
  2. To open the Apps section, press the Down button.

You will find a list of apps and featured games after pressing the down button. Now you will see a button on the directional pad, click on the centre of the button. Select the app and click the “Get” button to start the installation process. But if you have ever installed the app on your device then you will see a Download button instead of Get button. Now Wait for the download to finish. After completing the download, select the ‘Open’ button to launch it. When you go back to the home screen, you will find the newly installed bounce tv app under the “Recent” section.

Download Bounce tv on Firestick Using the Amazon Appstore

 You can also download bounce tv to your FireStick by going to the Amazon Appstore. But first you need a computer for this process. Open a random web browser on your computer and go to or Appstore. Then scroll down through the listed products and select the model of the Fire TV device you are using. Next, Search the bounce tv app and click on it and then select your device in the delivery to drop down menu. And finally select the Get App.

Download bounce tv apk for Firestick Using the Search Function

Launch your Fire Stick and open your Home Screen. You will see a small magnifying glass icon in the left corner. Click on the magnifying glass icon and you will see the “Search Function” menu there. Using your Alexa remote, type Bounce TV, the app we are going to download. A directional pad will appear there.Now click on the central button on the pad and select the bounce tv app. Click on “Get” to complete installation. Wait for the download and start the app by clicking “Open”.

Download bounce tv using ‘sideloading’ apps

Download bounce tv Amazon App Store 1

If you can not find the bounce tv app on the Amazon App Store then don’t worry! We still have a way to download third party apps on Fire TV which is called “sideloading.” But if you want to do this then you have to make some changes of regulations to your device. Here is how to enable third-party apps in your Firestick Settings:

Launch your Fire TV and open the Home Screen. You will see the “Settings” tab in the right hand corner. Click it to open the tab. Then go to Device and then Developer Option. A small window will appear in the developer section where you will find “Apps from Unknown Sources” page. Select the page and click to the “Turn on” button. Amazon devices only support Android apps. If you have them on your Android device then you can easily transfer them to your Fire TV device.

Also you can sideload bounce tv apps on FireStick by using the downloader apps by AFTVnews. But first of all you have to install the app for this and then you can open the app for the download process. We have only two ways for the installation process of a third-party app by using a downloader.

All you have to do is go to the “Home” section on the left-hand sidebar of your screen. Click on the very first option named “Enter URL”. A keyboard section will appear after pressing the “Select” button. Then type the URL of the file you are searching for. Don’t forget to save the file before doing this. And lastly click the “Go” button to start the download process.

Once it is finished, install the APK file by clicking the “Install” button. If you want to open the newly downloaded file immediately then click to the “Open” but if not then just click the “Done” button. You can delete the bounce tv APK file later.

How to watch bounce tv on Firestick?

After completing the installation of the bounce tv on Firestick you can now easily watch and stream it. Here’s how to do:

  1. Go to the Fire Stick homepage
  2. In the search bar, type ‘Bounce TV’ (pick the first option)
  3. Select the Bounce TV app
  4. Click on the centre icon
  5. Launch Bounce TV app
  6. Select the ‘Sign In’ option. If you are trying it for the first time then there will appear a code on the screen, you have to enter the code next.
  7. Open a web browser on your smartphone or computer and type www.bouncetv/tvsignin in the address bar
  8. Enter the code that appears on your TV
  9. click Next
  10. Select the ‘Sign in’ button through your TV or Mobile Provider that appeared on your screen.
  11. Choose the provider your signed up to Bounce TV through
  12. Enter your login credentials for that provider

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our website is not all about just suggesting the best apps and providing the download links but also about providing related information. Here are some questions you ask about sound meters

Is There Any Other Way To Access Bounce Tv On The Firestick?

We Cleared all the way to get bounce tv on the Firestick. You can get access to bounce tv on Firestick by different sideloading apps. But the login verification process or installation system will remain the same.

Why Won’t Bounce Tv Play On FireStick?

Bounce tv serves lots of quality content but because of its old features it gets thousands of negative reviews. It doesn’t upgrade its features and its content doesn’t play timely. Sometimes it cracks. So the authorities may remove this app from FireStick soon.


So now you have Bounce TV on FireStick. You can now get access to the library of premium TV shows and films of Bounce TV. If you sign out then you have to repeat the login verification process but if you don’t sign out then it’s quite okay, you don’t have to repeat the process. Now you can easily watch and stream bounce tv on FireStick.

So, we learned how to install bounce tv on Firestick and also how to watch and stream. Please make sure that you have a good internet connection with your Firestick before using any of these methods to install the bounce tv app on Firestick. So it’s time to watch premium shows, movies and series, listen to music and stream bounce tv on Firestick.

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