How to Reboot / Unpair Firestick Remote [Latest Update 2024]

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Do you know how to reboot or unpair firestick remote? If the remote control for your Firestick stops functioning and you are confident that it has new batteries, you may try resetting it. Resetting the Firestick remote can reestablish its communication with the streaming device, which can resolve various issues.

A Firestick remote can’t simply be reset by flipping a switch, unlike some other gadgets. And depending on the type of remote you have, you may need to push particular buttons.

The first suggestion made by professionals, novices, and customer service agents alike is to perform a hard reset when most electronic gadgets act up.

How to reboot/unpair firestick remote with remote

You will reset it as follows if you need to reboot, unpair, or reset the Firestick remote using a remote that looks like the one below.

  • Hold the down arrow on the Home button while pressing the three times on the Menu bar (three horizontal lines).
  • Release the Power button, then ten times push the Menu button.
  • Your remote’s batteries should be removed.
  • Pull the plug on your Fire TV Stick and give it some time.
  • Then, convert on your Fire TV Stick after replacing the batteries in your remote.
  • Press and hold the Home button on your remote for 40 seconds after the Fire TV Stick’s home screen appears.
  • In one minute, the setup will be finished.

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How to reboot/unpair/reset firestick remote without remote

To reset the Firestick without a remote, you must install the fire TV app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Launch the app, then connect your Fire TV. You can use the app to access the Fire TV remote interface and use it to restart the Firestick.

Sadly, without a functional remote or a strong Wi-Fi connection, you cannot reset your Firestick. The app is one approach, but it also makes use of Wi-Fi.

You might try using your standard TV remote control to operate the Firestick. You may pair your standard remote control with the Firestick using the HDMI-CEC protocol. However, some TVs are the only ones that have that option.

How to Reboot Unpair Firestick Remote

  • Install the Firestick app using the same Wi-Fi network that your Firestick device is using after downloading it from your local Apple or Android app store.
  • Choose the name of your Firestick device from the app to start the connection. If you selected the right device, a four-digit code will appear on your TV.
  • The app will request the TV’s code. Enter it to complete the connection setup.
  • In the app, click the “settings” menu. Choose your device from the newly displayed page.
  • Choose “Reset” from this new list of choices.
  • To complete the reset, choose “confirm” on the app. It will take a few minutes for the Firestick to restart.

How to reset  amazon fire stick  with remote

To start, disconnect your Fire TV and give it a full minute to cool. Press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons at the same time. We are aware that handling it all at once can be challenging, but since the back button is directly below the left button, you can keep the first two buttons in place with your thumb.

Holding all three buttons down for 12 seconds, releasing them, then waiting another 5 seconds. After that, unplug your Fire TV, replace the batteries in your remote, and wait an additional minute.

Reinstall the batteries in your remote and click the Home button to complete the process. If the pairing is successful, the remote’s LED light will flash blue. Be aware that if you use a remote, there won’t be any blinking lights.

How to reset the amazon fire stick  without remote

If you want to customize the TV interface or reset your Firestick, you must have the Fire TV remote. But what if you misplaced the remote? Will a Firestick reset without a remote be possible?

Yes, it is possible to reset a Firestick without a remote, however, a TV remote is necessary. Let’s quickly review the solution.

  • Grab the TV remote.
  • Consult the menu.
  • Locate HDMI-CEC and enable it so that your Firestick and TV remote can communicate.
  • Find devices under settings.
  • Click Reset after selecting Firestick.

Although this is the simplest method, I also have some additional options for you.

There is some point about telling Alexa to restart and reset the fire stick using the fire tv app which has taken along this heading how to reset Amazon Fire Stick without a remote.

Tell Alexa to restart.

Have you connected your Echo gadget to your smart TV? Maybe you had.

Therefore, using Alexa to provide a reset command to the firestick TV is the simplest way to do so without a remote. Ask Alexa to carry out the actions just as you would say “Alexa, Open Prime Video.”

The commands you must give Alexa are listed below.

open the menu.

Choosing My Fire TV.

Locate devices.

Choose Firestick.

Choose Factory reset to Default.

Confirm “Reset.”

Reset Firestick using the Fire TV app

The Fire Tv Stick app is a great remote replacement. If you have an Android device, you can get the app from Play Store; if you have an iPhone, you can install it from Apple App Store.

All the functionality found on the smart remote, like voice search, simple navigation, an on-screen keypad option, a mouse, etc., are present in the app.

Please make sure your smartphone and TV are connected to the same internet network after installing the app. Click on “Set Up New Device” just at bottom of a app when it has been opened.

The software will locate nearby streaming devices in a matter of seconds, choose your Fire TV, and establish a connection with the TV takes a minute.

Final Thoughts

How to reboot or unpair firestick remote? The act of pairing or unpairing a Firestick remote is incredibly easy and doesn’t call for a lot of technical expertise. You can pair or unpair the remote using the methods above, but if you continue to have problems, make sure the batteries are installed correctly.

It’s worthwhile to reset your remote in order to maybe resolve such problems. Depending on your model, the reset procedure varies, and we’ll teach you how to do it for the most common Fire TV Stick remotes. The length here between TV or the remote control should also not exceed 10 feet.

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