Why Does My FireStick Keep Blinking Off And On?

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A FireStick represents a unique experience to view video streaming, and nowadays, people accept it with high interest. But some issues such as FireStick blinking may bother the FireStick users, and they prefer to fix it and wish to get a solution to the case “Why Does My FireStick Keep Blinking Off And On?” This problem isn’t so complex, rather it is an indication of another wrong with your FireStick.

Sometimes, an electronic device like FireStick creates tiresome problems, but don’t take it so seriously. And you don’t suffer the issue for a long time, rather than take steps to move on the happening case applying necessary steps.

What Does It Mean When My FireStick Is Blinking?

A fireStick blinking means an occurrence that meets trouble with the video, and these problems may become internet connection, remote maintenance, HDMI case, resolution or refresh rate issue, etc. That’s why if these issues resolve, you can get a FireStick without blinking.

Blinking happens when the FireStick falls in stuck mode, and it tries to start the video. In the blinking time, different colors represent different issues. But if you press the Home button of the FireStick remote for 10 seconds, it may resolve these issues. Then you can enjoy a FireStick blinking free streaming video and shows.

Why Does My FireStick Keep Blinking Off And On?

When you observe that FireStick keeps blinking off and on, you don’t think it isn’t a common issue. Because it occurs for many problematic issues. Normally, most cases are common, and you can easily view causes.  These are summarized below:

FireStick Keep Blinking Off And On
Why Does My FireStick Keep Blinking Off And On
  • Wrong connection to the signal of a video may create blinking.
  • The inappropriate setting of power, cable, or HDMI ports affects the blinking.
  • If the resolution doesn’t match the proposal, FireStick blinking happens at that time.
  • Also, if the refresh rate breaks the rule, FireStick will start blinking.
  • Any loose connection and incorrect settings make a blinking issue.

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How To Fix FireStick Blinking Off And On?

If the FireSticks start blinking when a user views a show or videos is a worse experience for them. So, it is essential to fix the exact issue for repairing it to make the perfect one. In the following, a summarized description may assist you to overcome the issue:

Restart The FireStick:

If you restart the FireStick, you can overcome many issues. You can do it through a hardware manufacturer or software-based. For hardware settings, you unplug all connections and power off. Then again, you initiate your FireStick. If the procedure doesn’t represent the result, you can apply a software restart. You keep down a long press on the Play/Pause button.

Wrong Accessories Issue:

If you apply another brand’s products in the FireStick, you won’t get the exact output. Also, if you fail to set up the right accessories in the right place, it doesn’t give the results, which creates many issues such as blinking. So you avoid using the unofficial accessories or unauthorized equipment in the FireStick that may assist you to enjoy proper video streaming.

Update The FireStick:

Updation of the FireStick may resolve the many awkward situations. Because sometimes some necessary features need to be updated and they give proper output. For completing the update of the FireStick, you can apply the method:

Home Screen > Menu > Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates > Install updates.

Change The Equipment:

You can check every part of the FireStick related accessories such as TV, power socket, cable, HDMI port, etc. If it represents the capability in the changing moment, it will be a problem with tools. So, you change these things to acquire work.

Change The Resolution And Refresh Rate:

When the resolution and refresh rate is wrong, it causes a blinking issue. So, you change this rate and keep it acceptable and observe whether it’s normal or not. If the value is permissible, you accept this rate and enjoy the FireStick services.

Method: FireStick Remote > Press Rewind and Up > Change Resolution.

Reset The FireStick:

If you can’t understand what’s wrong with your FireStick, at this moment, you can reset the FireStick as a final scope. Because this process converts the FireStick as a default setting, and all installed and downloaded data will be removed.

Method: Home Screen > Menu > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.


In the overhead description, you will notice a detailed statement on the topic “Why Does My FireStick Keep Blinking Off And On?” and you can get a solution after fixing the matter. Hopefully, it may again deliver a possibility to enjoy the streaming video.

Finally, it expects you to stay with the FireStick TV and enjoy the convenient video showing moment.

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