Why Does My Firestick Keep Losing Internet Connection?

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FireStick is an easily accessible steaming equipment that offers users to view different types of videos, shows, movies, etc. However, when you explore an excellent and digital platform like the FireStick, you will achieve more privileges and troubles from the tool. As a user, when you meet a difficulty such as an internet connection issue with the FireStick, you don’t frustrate rather than find a solution on the topic “Why Does My Firestick Keep Losing Internet Connection?”

When a user frequently faces losing internet connection, really it disturbs, and you can finish this issue by applying small steps.

Why Does My Firestick Keep Losing Internet Connection?

There are many reasons for failing internet connection, some are common, and some are exceptional. Here is a list of losing internet connection highlights below:

  • Failure powerfully connected WiFi network.
  • Slow or inconsistent network coverage.
  • Virus-affected software.
  • Fall to reach the signal to the FireStick.
  • Long-distance or barrier among the WiFi equipment and the FireStick.
  • Back-dated version of the FireStick.
  • HDMI cable or Router setting problem.

How To Fix It When A Firestick Is Not Connecting To The Internet?

Once you know about your network connection problem, you can take the following actions to solve these matters. If you search for a solution to the network issue, you will get more methods to fix and solve the internet connection failure point. Some successive topics explain in the following discussion:

Why Does My Firestick Keep Losing Internet Connection

Solve The Router Connection:

If your Router setting doesn’t complete, you won’t get a connection. So you require the default Router setting to turn into Dual-Band.

  • Method: Get Default Gateway Address > Type Gateway address on your Web Browser > Press Enter > Router Preferences > Log In the Admin Credentials field > Wireless Settings > Change WiFi-Band 5GHz > Disable 802.11n Client Only > Press Save or Apply > After seeing Settings Saved, Reboot the Router.

Restart The FireStick:

Restart methodology resolves many issues by refreshing your device. So when you meet network trouble, you can restart your FireStick by applying these steps:

  • Method: Home Screen > Menu > Settings > My Fire TV > Restart.

Update The FireStick System:

If you meet the internet issue after a few months, it may be a Software problem. So you can update the FireStick system to keep away from different types of bugs or errors. This updated version may enhance the quality of your FireStick performance.

  • Method: Home Screen > Menu > Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check For Update > Install Update > Reboot.

Reset The FireStick:

Reset is the final phase to fix the network connection problem that makes your tools new. This approach removes all settings organized by the users and restores the initial states. After resetting, you should again install or download the essential items, so before performing Reset, you can take a backup file for help.

  • Method: Home Screen > Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.

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What To Do When Your Firestick Won’t Connect To The Internet?

When you don’t connect the internet to the FireStick, you aren’t dissatisfied because it is not a complicated topic. After fixing the issue, you can easily relax from the problem. Otherwise, you can follow the next matter that is responsible for creating these issues:

  • Check your internet speed through different websites like Speed test.
  • Check the HDMI cable and Power socket connection. If any loose connection or other problems such as branding issues happen, you can solve the issue.
  • If your FireStick and WiFi device stays at a long distance, you can reduce the length among them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Firestick Have A Reset Button?

No. You can’t get a physical Reset Button in your Remote or FireStick. But you can finish it by utilizing it without a remote and with Remote just applying system Menu.

Why Does My Firestick Keep Restarting By Itself?

Sometimes you can front a frequently, or without your help, it starts restarting. It may become a power problem, or a Hardware or Software issue may be responsible for causing it.

Why Is My Firestick Connected To Wi-Fi But Not The Internet?

After connecting to the WiFi, it doesn’t get any internet connection because it is affected by many problems such as Router or internet issues. If the internet connection is perfect, it may be an error with the Router. Otherwise, it may be a weak signal, cable issue, VPN service issue, etc.

Why Does My Firestick Say “Home Is Currently Unavailable?”

When you observe a message is “Home Is Currently Unavailable?” it will show instead of video streaming. It means something is wrong with your FireStick. These issues may be a weak connection, error with other matters, etc. If you resolve these occurring topics, it may remove this disturbing message.


In the above description, some exceptional and successive methods help to find the appropriate answer to the question “Why Does My Firestick Keep Losing Internet Connection?” So firstly you check the fixing point and then take the necessary steps to solve the issue and enjoy a new and workable experience with your FireStick. Also, it will assist you to learn about the network connection topic that is beneficial to help others.

Finally, it can say, the FireStick is an amazing digital device that gives you a miracle experience with video streaming.

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