How to Move Firestick to Another TV? [Latest Update 2023]

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Nowadays, FireStick is a popular and affordable tool that is widely valued. Anyone can understand its popularity through the topic of searching “How To Move FireStick To Another TV.” And yes, you can achieve it quickly according to your needs.

The FireStick is an instrument that converts your traditional TV into a smart TV that operates with just one click. It is a tiny device, but it works so big rather than a USB drive. When you think of connecting a TV with FireStick, your requirement is an HDMI cord. This connection helps you to see a lot of streaming video channels.

Can You Move FireStick To Another TV?

Moving a FireStick to another TV is a convenient and effortless task. After attaching the FireStick plug with the TV, you can watch tv shows, movies, or sports from anywhere and anytime.

An HDMI port attaches the TV and FireStick. That’s why step by step, remove the FireStick from the HDMI port and power adapter. And now you will achieve the FireStick, which is ready to move and attach with another TV instantly.

It will become easy to bring a device that can support you anywhere and at any moment to enjoy videos. Also, if you download or store any data, it won’t be removed for unplugging. And it doesn’t require a higher setup procedure, rather than a user-friendly device.

How To Move FireStick To Another TV?

The easy and comfortable method to Move a FireStick To Another TV is still unknown to most people. Also, someone explains that it’s not possible but it is a wrong idea. Here step by step procedure description allows you to acquire knowledge and supports you to finalize the process:

How To Move FireStick To Another TV

  • Start with the FireStick-connected TV and extract the plug and power adapter.
  • Now take the HDMI port and attach it to the FireStick and another TV. Then FireStick adds the USB cable and adapter plug link with the socket.
  • In this step, you switch on the power button that runs both FireStick and TV.
  • After arranging the wired connection, you take the TV Remote And choose the Source option and pick HDMI.
  • Now start the Amazon boot screen, and After the booting process, it needs to attach with WiFi for completion.
  • When it links with WiFi, you can view the Home Screen, whereas necessary Apps are available for you.

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What To Do In Case My FireStick Is Not Working After Moving?

As a user, you get better performance from the FireStick but after moving you can’t get the proper output from it. If you don’t find out the exact solution, you can’t be depressed as you see the below topic. Then you fix the case which prevents the FireStick from working and find an appropriate solution:

1. Restart The FireStick:

When you face an issue, you can restart the device that may solve the issue. Because the Restart method assists you to rearrange the FireStick. To complete this process, you can follow these methods:

Method 1: A long press on the Play/Pause button > Select the Restart option.

Method 2: Proceed with Setting > My Fire TV > Restart.

Method 3: Disconnect the FireStick and Install it again.

2. Update The FireStick:

Sometimes the developer updates some features and then the device tends to create a problem. So if you update the FireStick, it may work well again.

Method: Home Screen > Setting > Menu > My Fire TV > About > Install Update.

3. Check The Cable Especially The HDMI Port.

Necessary cable such as FireStick cable and TV cable isn’t connected well that may cause an issue. So carefully, you can check the cable perfectly.

4. Check the Accessibility of the FireStick Remote.

If the FireStick Remote isn’t accessible to the TV, it will stop showing data. So, you can notice on the Remote that may solve the great not working problem.

5. Check the Network issue:

If the network such as WiFi isn’t stable, you will fail to get access to the TV show. So, you make the Network stable and also carefully notice the public network because it is hacked by hackers. So keep you from that type of connection.

6. Solve Buffering Problem:

Some apps start buffering, so you can disable these apps to achieve the best performance. It will give you a better feel to enjoy the TV shows.

Method: Home Screen > Setting > Menu > Preferences > Data Monitoring > Disable.

7. Solve the Crashing Issue:

When you face that apps are crashing, you can clear the data or cache. Then you can again install or process these apps to get the services.

Method: Home Screen > Setting > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Clear cache and Data.

8. Reset the FireStick:

  1. At last, when you can’t find any issue above them, you can reset the FireStick. But before doing it, you save the necessary data. After completing it, you can again set up the whole process.

Method: Home Screen > Setting > Menu > My Fire TV > Reset.


Do You Need A FireStick For Each TV?

If you desire to connect multiple TVs, it needs more FireStick. So, it can say that, you can apply a FireStick for a single TV. Because it needs an attachment to the HDMI port on the TV.

Can You Use The FireStick On More Than One TV?

Yes. You can apply more FireStick on more TVs. Then you can put up your WiFi code and enjoy more TV shows on each TV according to your desire.


After observing the above content on “How To Move FireStick To Another TV,” you can learn in detail, and without any trouble, you can terminate the setup approach. Then you can operate it according to your desire everywhere and every instance.

FireStick isn’t a simple tool because it is an expression of the modern world, and this drives your life painless and relaxing. So attach with FireStick and share your feelings with another.

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