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If you don’t want to stay in the Firestick’s default location, you’re probably thinking about changing it, right? Not only you but there are many people who change their location while using firestick. That’s why you need to know how to change firestick location. There is no reason to think that you have to go through any complicated process.

Everything has a set step, in this case, you have to go through a set process to change the location of the firestick. However, the purpose of presenting today’s article is to inform those who are users like you and want to change the location in an easy way. Hopefully, you will pay full attention to the article so that you know the correct ways to change location.

How Do I Find My Firestick Location?

Sometimes finding the location of the firestick becomes very important, especially when you lose your device or it gets stolen. There is a very simple way that you can know the current location of your device. Try to find your firestick location on the map that was created earlier.

Not that you’d know right away. For that, you have to wait a bit. Amazon will probably send you one within three days, letting you know its current location. Sometimes the map may give the wrong location, in which case one must find the location using the correct information.

How to Spoof Location on Firestick?

How to Change Firestick Location

Many users ask this question. Other app users often try to track your location. But it’s not that you have to reveal the location compulsorily, rather there is scope for spoofing. You can easily hide yourself from online surveillance. In this case you will need to download an app on your firestick which will give wrong information about the location to others.

After downloading and installing the app, open it by clicking on it and set a location here that you like. Remember that the location you set here will be visible to everyone no matter where you are. But check if the app is set up properly. Now you can rest assured of your preferred location as it will not be revealed to anyone.

How to Change Firestick Location to UK?

Do you want to change your firestick location to UK? Of course it is possible because it has a prescribed process. In this case, you need to change the IP address. There are many VPNs in the market any one of which you can use for this task. That’s why many people recommend using NordVPN. There are also a few others that can be used.

Once connected to your preferred VPN, change your location to the UK and check if it has changed at all. If you check and notice that your location has changed to the UK then continue to enjoy content with the device.

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How to Change Zip Code on Firestick?

Changing your zip code on Firestick is very easy. In this, you can change the zip code of your desired location. However, following the steps below, the process will undoubtedly seem simple enough.

How to Change Zip Code on Firestick

  • First, log in to your Amazon account but it must be linked to your Firestick.
  • Now go to the home screen of your Firestick, where there is the setting option.
  • Here you will see many contents from which to choose your Preference.
  • Now select the country or region you want to use the location.
  • Then enter the zip code of the specified location.
  • Click the update button, it will be updated in no time.

How to Change Location on Amazon Firestick?

Many people consider changing the location of Amazon Firestick as a complicated process. It is very easy if you find the right method. Just a few steps will help you do the job. Follow the steps below:

  • Open any browser and launch the Amazon webpage.
  • If you are not logged in to your Amazon account, please log in.
  • Now in the top menubar, target Account and lists option, select it.
  • Then select Manage your content and devices from its drop-down.
  • Click the Preference tab and enter the Country/Region setting.
  • Click the Change button if you want to change the position.
  • Now select your new location and click on the update button to confirm.
  • Finally, restart your Firestick device and enjoy streaming in the updated location.

How to Enable Location Services on Firestick?

Firestick tracks data by pinpointing its exact location just like other devices available on Amazon. Many users are not well aware about it. This is great for those who want to reveal their exact location and share data. But it doesn’t seem convenient enough for those who don’t want to reveal their location. Before working on location settings, you must know your current location. Although you cannot turn off the location, there are options to change it.

How to Turn off Location on Firestick?

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the location on Firestick. You can change your location and even hide it if you want, but there is no way to turn it off. Sometimes showing the original location may pose some risk, or you may not want others to know or track your location. In this case, change the location completely or hide it temporarily.

How to Change IP Address on Firestick?

Some regions of Firestick may have video streaming off, in which case you need to change your IP address to unblock them. To change the IP address, you need to use the IP of that region. However, know the process of changing the IP address from the steps below.

How to Change IP Address on Firestick?

  • Sign up for a VPN first, but it’s best if you use NordVPN.
  • Complete its download and installation.
  • Now open the VPN and select the region you want to enjoy streaming from here.
  • Wait for some time for the IP to change; now you have got the desired IP.
  • Now watch your desired streaming without interruption.

How to Change VPN Location on Firestick?

There are only a few steps to change the VPN location on a Firestick device.

  • First, open the VPN you are using.
  • Note your current location here and find the desired location from the list of locations.
  • Select it and wait a few seconds for it to update.
  • Now enjoy content from designated regions.

How to Change Your Location on Prime Video?

Many may have questions about how to change location in Amazon Prime Video. This is very easy when you work with the right VPN. In this case, NordVPN will work best. However, proceed with the steps below.

  • Prime Video sometimes blocks some content that needs to be unblocked. Open the VPN and connect to the desired server.
  • Open a separate browser and log in to the Prime Video account.
  • Since you have already selected the location and server, you can double-check if it has changed at all.
  • Start enjoying your videos and content in the region of your choice.

How to Change Developer Options on Firestick?

Many people know about the developer option of Amazon Fire Stick, but its functionalities or how to change it are almost unknown. At this stage, you will know about this. Proceed with just a few steps. It will play a unique role in device management.

  • First, enter the settings of your Firestick.
  • Now you will see the My Fire TV option; click on it.
  • In this case, check if the developer option is showing on the screen. If it doesn’t show, click on the About option.
  • Quickly click 7 times on your Fire TV Stick option.
  • If your developer option is already enabled, then no need to do it.
  • Now go back and go to the My Fire TV option from a reset; here, you will see the developer option.
  • Go to the Developer option and enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

How to Change Time on Firestick?

Normally the set time of the firestick cannot be changed as it is set automatically. But if according to the local time if your device time is not correct then you can change it and set the correct time. For this definitely follow the below procedure.

  • First, enter the Firestick home page.
  • Click on Settings and select the Preferences option from there.
  • Now notice here the Time Zone option, you need to select the current time and zone.
  • Once selected it will be set automatically.
  • Then click on Home to return to the homepage and see if the time has changed.

Final Thoughts

Firestick’s location cannot be disabled, but it can be changed to prevent others from knowing your location. Hopefully, from the above discussion you already know how to change the firestick location. You must proceed with the prescribed process for changing the Firestick location.

Not only the location, people also want to change the same device, a detailed discussion about which is presented in this article. Perhaps now you have got answers to many of your questions and cleared your doubts on important matters. So now enjoy content with the device more efficiently.


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