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Maybe you already have a Firestick TV that you don’t know about the model yet. You should know about the model of a device that you are buying at your own expense. Also sometimes it may have problems where you have to try to solve according to the model. However, for that you must know how to know firestick generation because many people find the model difficult to find.

When you see the title and come to read this post, you undoubtedly own a Firestick TV. Even though users have been using it for a long time, they have little idea about generation. If you are trying to know the generation of firesticks then you have come to the right place because today’s article will tell you all the information related to it.

Why is My Amazon Firestick So Slow?

Firestick suddenly slowing down is a common issue that many people face. If you notice that your device has slowed down, there are things you can do to get it back up to speed. But before that, you must know why your firestick is slow. Below are some of the reasons:

1. Too many apps

Having too many apps running on your device can cause it to slow down as they create stress. It probably has some apps that you don’t use often but are always running. In this case, it is better not to keep any other apps except the very necessary apps. Choose which apps you don’t use and uninstall them.

2. Outdated version

An outdated version will undoubtedly be slower. So if you are using an older version, it will naturally work slower than others. The new version has many bug fixes and even better speed. If you don’t update even when new updates come out, you’ll end up with a slow device. So check on time whether the update of Firestick has come, if it comes then update it now without delay.

3. Auto updates turned on

A Firestick device may have auto-update enabled. This is also one of the main reasons why Firestick becomes slow. Best if you turn off auto-update. Instead of turning on Auto update, you should check for updates regularly and update only those that need to be updated. This can make your device fast again.

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4. Slow internet connection

Is your internet connection up to speed? If it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t blame any other reason for firestick slow. Because a weak internet connection can naturally slow down the performance of the device. In this case, contact your Internet service provider and change the service if necessary. But first, you must check other reasons.

5. Apps cache

The apps that are running on your device keep getting cached and slow down the Firestick. When these caches are cleared, they tend to accumulate more and contribute to poor performance. So if there are any unnecessary apps, delete them and clean the cache of the running ones regularly. Undoubtedly, your firestick will maintain good performance.

6. Keep Firestick running continuously

As the Firestick continues to run, it gets tired at times when it needs a rest or a restart. So give it a reboot at least once after continuous running so that it regains the power to run later. Think about your phone or the computer you operate because sometimes they require a restart. After a reboot or restart it regains the power to run again. The same goes for Firestick.

How to Know Firestick Generation?

How To Know Firestick Generation

Users often ask how to know firestick generation. This section answers all your questions because here you are going to learn about the most valuable ways. A Firestick model can be convenient for you in several ways. However, read the following process carefully.

Users often ask how to know firestick generation. This section answers all your questions because here you are going to learn about the most useful ways. A Firestick model can be convenient for you in several ways. If a friend of yours is attracted to the model you are using, you should at least know about the generation to suggest it to him.

The 1st generation of Firestick was released in November 2014. Exactly 2 years later i.e. 2nd generation of Firestick was released in 2016. 1st generation is now discontinued but 2nd generation is still running. A basic edition of Firestick came in 2017 which is a special version. It was originally available to non-US users. The Firestick tv 4K version was released in 2018 which is still available.

Now your question may be that how do you differentiate between different generations? In this case, you can consider the size of the device and the remote control. The 1st generation devices are slightly shorter and slimmer in size. It also comes with a basic remote. The 2nd generation firestick is comparatively longer and slightly wider. Moreover, there is also a microphone attached to it. It also has a microphone that can do voice searches.

The basic edition of Firestick is very similar to the 2nd generation but with a few differences. It will come with a basic remote but no voice search option. The latest Firestick 4k is the biggest version compared to the previous ones. It dropped the word Amazon from the logo. It also has some features that were not available in the previous versions.

Why Isn’t My Amazon Firestick Working?

Firestick sometimes doesn’t work which can be frustrating for you. But if you know about their causes, you may have a way to avoid this problem. However, know some reasons why your firestick device is not working.

Why Isn't My Amazon Firestick Working

  • First of all, there might be an internet problem because you probably noticed on your phone that sometimes it also stops working when the internet speed is slow or stopped. So if you face something like this, you should check the internet speed first.
  • Second, when one of your apps crashes, your device may stop working temporarily. In this case, find out which app is crashing and why, and if necessary, remove it from the phone.
  • Sometimes there may be a problem with the VPN you are using with the firestick. In this case, you can change the VPN or turn off the VPN. Firestick is not compatible with some VPNs.

Final Thoughts

So you probably now have a clear idea about how to know firestick generation. In knowing the Firestick generation, it is important to know about the features of different models because each model has different features. Also, your firestick may stop working sometimes which is quite annoying for you. Find out the reason why this device is not working as there are some plausible reasons for it.

Once you find these reasons, you can solve it yourself. Also know why it works slowly. You probably won’t want to spend again to buy another device sooner. So by knowing about the problem you can solve it yourself. In this case, perhaps this article has been useful for you.


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